PrivateAffairs is a couples only club . 
We feel that a couples only club is a great place to meet without having couples come into your home, having to plan an evening out on the town, or wondering if the couple you plan to meet will show up at all. We also know that it can become a hassle planning the time and meeting place. So we have tried to eliminate all the worries by establishing our club and opening it to couples. This gives you and other couples a place and a time where you can meet and don't have to worry about who you might run into at the local restaurant. 

Attending our parties. 
We feel that every couple that attends our parties are part of our (lifestyle) family. We try to make everyone feel  as comfortable as possible any way that they feel is best. We pride ourselves in having parties that are both fun and exciting. We as a club look forward to having new couples join us. We do not in any way expect our guest's to participate in anything at anytime. Its all about meeting couples, making new friends, and maybe exploring fantasies that might have never become a reality. 

We try to accommodate our guests . 
We hold our parties 4 times a month every Saturday night. So that couples that have a free weekend can enjoy the lifestyle as well as meet other couples. We understand that not everyone has the time every weekend to enjoy the lifestyle nor have a lot of time in our hectic daily life of raising kids, working, and having in-laws.  We feel it gives our members a chance to meet couples that they might never get to. 

Our membership. 
We have a annual $20.00 membership fee, which is minimal because we feel that you the couples that attend our club want to enjoy the lifestyle and the clubs without being hit with a extreme amount just to attend. Actually this should have probably been put into the accommodation area but we felt it was a different matter. 
Comments and suggestions 
Private Affairsnisc welcome's your comments, suggestions, and thoughts. 
So what are you waitng for ? Come on in! Join the fun!