PrivateAffairs Rules
(1) "No means No"!!

This includes touching unless
permission is given!

(2) What goes on at the club stays at the club. (This means that you do not get on line or in chat rooms and tell what other couples were doing or who they were with.  If you want to tell everyone what you did is YOUR business but don't tell everyone what someone else did.) Violating this rule does have severe consequences.
(3) No drugs of any kind will be permitted on the premises. Anyone found possessing or using drugs will be asked to leave and not return.
(4) Couples must arrive together and leave together.
(5)Bring your own towel if you plan on using the jacuzzi. Bring your own bottle if you plan to drink. Please do not use other's alcohol or others drinks without permission and please drink responsibly.
(6) Anyone being intrusive can not remain in the party area and may be asked to leave.
(7) Closing time is 3 am. and the outside doors are locked at 10 pm. Anyone leaving the club during the party may not return without prior permission.
(8) No rude or obnoxious conduct. Any arguing or fighting will be dealt with promptly.
(9) No videos or cameras without permission.
(10) No cheating (swinging without your partners consent or the consent of others involved).
(11) No stealing of any kind.
(12) No one is obligated to participate in any activities.
(13) Smoking and eating allowed in designated areas only.
(14). No pipe or cigar smoking.
(15) Please dispose of trash in designated receptacles.
(16) Take any problems or concerns to the hosts. They will be glad to assist in any way.
(17) Please be sure you and your partner are in agreement about coming to the club. Disagreements between partners ruins the party for everyone.
These Rules apply to most clubs.
A reminder for all Members and future Guests of
PrivateAffairs All parties are BYOT (Bring your own towel),
BYOB ( Bring your own alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice ) Please drink responsibly and remember that because of local liquor laws we do not supply cups, ice, or mix.

If you have Questions about the lifestyle we want to hear from you.