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Be brutally honest with me hun. 5/27/99 
Hi. Thinking about taking the plunge into the Lifestyle? We were 
"thinking" about it ourselves about a year and a half ago. We had a 
great sex life. No problems there. But the thought of more was 
intriguing to both of us. Being the male half I think I was probably 
more enthusiastic about actually taking the first step. Took it VERY 
slowly though, we investigated everything together (emphasis on 
together). Visited websites and chat rooms. Had to weed out a lot of 
phonies in the process. ( words of advice.....If you are asked for pics 
within the first 5 minutes of meeting someone on line.....LOSE THEM!!!) 
Didn't rush into anything. Asked a bajillion questions to a lot of 
"real" Lifestyle vets. Before long we were given a tour of a local club, 
(very helpful to ease any anxieties) and went to our first party. We feel fortunate to have met some great cpls on line who were willing to answer any and all of our questions. Made "taking the plunge" a lot less intimidating. 
The point we are trying to make we guess is to just take your time. 
Don't be impulsive. Make sure that you are BOTH ready. Be prepared to 
leave your jealousies at home. Easier said than done we know, but it is 
a major key to enjoying this wonderful new style of life. Don't get into 
this hoping to fix things that are broken. You are in for a big hurt if you do. 
Enuf rambling.....Hopin this might prove helpful to those of you out 
there sitting on the fence. 
Thanks to the couple that sent this to us, It might help others that are thinking about the lifestyle. 
It was really nice meeting you.  You run a terrific club!!  Most of the clubs we've encountered are either too clingy or snobbish.  The minute we walked into your club we got an open, friendly enounter.. and it continued to stay that way all night.  The people are open, wonderful and friendly.  We do look forward to come back, but we'll be lucky to do it once every 2 to 3 months considering we have kids and always need a sitter.  But it's a WONDERFUL club and we enjoyed every second of it!! 
Thanks to the couple that set us this email, we hope that you return in the future! 
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