Interview with Rick & Wendy owners of Private Affairsnisc

Given by Jaze, Thanks for letting us use and post your interview Jaze.

Why don't you identify yourselves to begin with ?
From the very beginning when we first signed onto America Online we went with Rick and
Wendy.  We had been using that name under HtFunCpl for over two years before we actually started the club.  It was so natural for us that we just continued to use the same names. Couples that have attended the club or new couples that do attend the club are greeted by us and learn our true identity at  that time.  Never, have we had a problem with anyone wondering why we have chosen to continue using our Rick and Wendy names associated with the club.
Private Affairs has come along way since it started, what prompted you to create the club in the first place ?
We have both enjoyed the lifestyle for several years. We had belonged to several  of the clubs in the Chicago area, and after every party, on the way home would talk about the time that it would take us to travel to and return from these parties. After several years of talking about our own club and communicating with others who also had a concern about the long drive to other clubs decided to create a new club closer to our home location.
Why DeKalb ?
I guess the answer to this would be Why Not ? DeKalb is a centrally located community with easy access via I-88. Dekalb is not the back woods rural community that perhaps you are thinking that it is. It is a community that has easy access from all directions. Centrally located in Northern Ill, and is in our own back yard.
Do you ever get out and visit other clubs ?
We have belonged to several of the other clubs over the years and used to  attend their parties on a regular basis. However, being a club owner is a lot of work and carries a lot of responsibilities with it. Over the past three years, we have only had the opportunity to attend one other club party, except when on vacation in Tenn. We have had the opportunity to party with other couples at times other than during our own parties.
What's the philosophy of a good party? What do you do that's different from every other club out there ?
Our philosophy is to make sure that everyone that attends has a good time, and that they go home with the feeling that they want to return for another visit. Their are so many levels to the lifestyle, from beginners to the real hard core swingers. As club owners, it is important to make sure that everyone that attends has the opportunity to experience the evening to its fullest. Many of the couples that attend our parties are either new to the lifestyle or have been in it for a very short  time. Being new a lot of them ask for help and guidance in either meeting  other couples or fulfilling their fantasies. It is the responsibility of the club to have some sort of game or event that can be used as an ice breaker, to allow the  couples to feel comfortable with not only the atmosphere, but with the other couples at the club. Once you have achieved this goal, then it is easy for the guests to relax and enjoy the evening. What is different about our club is that we try and talk with every new couple to learn as much information about them as they care to share with us. We want them to feel comfortable, and part of our "club family" With this information we can introduce them to other couples at the club that have the same or similar interests. Every thing that has been done with the club has been the direct results of information given to us by the
members that have attended. All of our themes have been suggestions of the members.  We have encouraged all of our members to help in the building of our club. We look to their help and participation in the club. We hope that this bonding is something that keeps members coming back and back again.
What would you say the biggest problem for running a club is ?
We think that the biggest problem is running the club in general. Running a club can take up a lot of time and effort. At the present time we have lots of help from many of our loyal couples to PrivateAffairsnisc. They are the couples that spend lots of time on the Internet, working on our web page, talking with potential new couples to the club, and the in house hosts and co- hosts that work hard at preparing the food, playing the games, and making the guests feel comfortable and wanted. Running a club is just like running a business, for it is a business. The difference in our club is that we are not in it for the money. Oh sure, you say. But it is true. All the revenue that is collected from our parties goes back into the club, either in the form of paying the electric, gas, and other utilities, to music and equipment, or into new materials to continue to improve our club. We both enjoy the lifestyle and want to do what ever we can to help improve it for others to enjoy as well.
What plans do you have for expansion in the future? We have heard tales of some wild ideas.
Well, we are not sure of what your idea of wild ideas are but yes we have plans for the future. As of the present, we cannot see when we will ever  be totally through  with expansion plans. The club is something like Walt Disney World. They have something new every year and lots of area to do it in. Private Affairsnisc also has lots of area.  At the present we actually are using around 5000 square feet but have over 27,000 square feet of potential area that can be used for future expansion. No, we are not going to put in an amusement park but we do have plans for things like Jacuzzi, and hot tubs. Other future ideas would be to have theme rooms, and one cannot forget about the bondage area.
That's the first time we've heard a club compared to Disney World ! But we can see the simile How do you select co-hosts?
Over the past years we have actually had the same co-hosts. Our co-hosts were selected
because they also enjoy the lifestyle and care about the club. They have helped promote the lifestyle and the club. Our co-hosts always put our guests first and do everything possible to make sure that they are part of our Private Affairsnisc family.
You use Pseudonym's - we've not seen any other club owners do that.. any reason why ?
As a club, we have many couples in high profile professions that attend our club and give us alias names to protect their privacy. We have no problem in doing so and have been told by many of them that they feel more comfortable with us because we also do the same.  Whether this is a valid reason or an excuse for using an alias we cannot say. As club owners, we respect the privacy of our members, and if using an alias ourselves makes them feel more comfortable with the environment, then we will continue to do so. Never, in the three years of the clubs existence has anyone had a negative remark about our using Rick and Wendy as our names on the Internet and for our web page. Our main objective is to allow everyone that attends the opportunity to feel relaxed and comfortable with the environment.
Our thoughts:
Wendy and I both realize that Private Affairsnisc is not in everyone's back yard.  The clubs in the Chicago area are much closer to everyone that enjoys the lifestyle in the Chicago area. However, their are a large number of couples who live south, north, and west of us that do enjoy the lifestyle and to those couples we are a  lot closer than the Chicago clubs.  We will never be competition to any of the Chicago clubs but do offer an alternative to those couples who would like to venture to a different club for either a change of pace or variety. We enjoy working with the other clubs and have actually referred couples to other clubs that have been closer to them than we are. The swinging lifestyle is just that. To promote the lifestyle whether it be in our club or one of the others that exist is just what it is all about. Our club is a no pressure, stress relief to all couples that are either new to the lifestyle or seasoned veterans. Everyone is treated the same, with the objective being to allow everyone to have a great time, and either fulfill their sexual fantasies or achieve their sexual freedom. Anyone interested in obtaining more information about Private Affairsnisc can check out our web page site or can mail us at PO BOX 25 Clare, Ill 60111.

We can also be reached via e-mail

or our online hosts
And for those interested in a direct conversation with us can call our 1-800-355-8063 or     1-815-751-7392 phone numbers, however, the best time to reach us by phone would be between the hours of 5:30 and 9:00 PM during the week or anytime on Saturday. You can also contact our online reps to make reservations.
We would like to extend our thanks to Rick and Wendy for agreeing to this interview. It is
refreshing to hear hosts of this caliber.
We would like to point out that this interview was given by Jazes and is used with his permission on our site. He is in no way affiliated with PrivateAffairsnisc but offers a complete review and objective opinion of all the Chicago area clubs by attending each club in his review and giving you the couples that are in the lifestyle an objective insight as to what you can expect.