Frequently Asked Questions
As we get them, we will keep posting them here.
If you have a Question feel free to let us know and we will
be more than happy to answer.

1.Q..Do we have to have sex with someone when we go to the club?

1.A..No you are not expected to have sex with anyone at the club that's what is nice about Private Affairs  there is no pressure to do anything with anyone nor are you expected to participate in Games played while there You will find this to be true with most or all of the clubs in the area.

   2.Q.. Do we have to bring and change clothes after we get there?

   2.A.. No you do not have to participate in changing of clothes this is for couples that feel comfortable in the idea of changing or that bring cloths for a specific theme party at the club. If you plan on using the jacuzzi we ask that you bring clothing appropriate when using it and to bring your own towel.


3.Q..Can we leave if we don't like it?

3.A..You are free to leave the club anytime you wish.

4.Q..What about safe sex? Should we bring condoms?

4.A..It is your personal choice and between you and your mate whether you use condoms or not. This is a Question you need to ask of the people that you are planning to be with .You are more than welcome to bring your own condoms, The club does have condoms in the rooms for those who wish to practice safe sex.

5.Q..How do we ask or let someone know we are interested?

5.A..By talking to the people that you are interested in introduce yourselves and tell them that you are interested/ attracted , If you are uncomfortable in asking or meeting people there are Hosts at the club that will introduce you to them then its up to you to make your interests known.

6.Q..Is there just people having sex all over the place?
6.Q..No,On rare occasions you may see someone have sex in the social area but for
the most part it is conducted in private

7.Q..Are the rooms private at all or can someone just walk in uninvited?
7.A..There are Private and Semi-Private rooms, People will not walk in on you uninvited.

8.Q..Do we bring coolers or what? A overnight bag?
8.A..If you plan on bringing drinks it is common for people to bring in a cooler. There are refrigerators for drinks as well just mark your drinks and no one will bother them . Overnight bags are optional, people do bring in a bag with cloths for the party's Theme or clothing they feel more comfortable wearing during the party.

9.Q..What do most people wear?
9.A.. People coming to the party usually wear casual  comfortable clothing depends on the theme if you want to dress for it or bring a change of clothes for it. You don't have to change at all if you don't want to.

10.Q..How do we let a couple know we aren't interested with out hurting their feelings?
10.A.. Well there are a few ways but we have found..."We are involved with another couple right now" and "We haven't decided what we are going to do yet" work the best and they don't make it too personal.

11.Q..Does the club allow interracial couples?
11.A.. Absolutely all races/colors/ages/etc...

12.Q..What is the age range of the people that go?
12.A..All ages. The common range is 21-50+

13.Q..What age do you have to be to go?

14.Q..Do they allow singles?
14.A..No not on regular party nights. There are on occassion special parties where select singles are allowed to attend but they are screened by the hosts of those parties.

15.Q..Are there hotels close?
15.A..There are nice hotels in town just ask the owner when you call to make reservations

16.Q..What about personal safety? If someone wont take no for an answer?
16.A..In the lifestyle, while at any club in the area NO means NO Its a common respect between persons at the clubs. If you have limits they are respected between the people you are with. When you meet couples you need to find out where their and your limits are and discuss them first.

17.Q..Will our belongings be ok if we play in the back?
17.A..Yes your belongings will not be bothered while you are enjoying your time at the clubs.

18.Q..Can we be with more than one couple in a night?
18.A..You can be with as many people as you want.

19.Q..Do we have to party as a couple?
19.A..No that is totally up to you and your partner and the persons that you are wanting to party with.

20.Q..How do you start out in the Lifestyle?
20.A..The best advice we can give is to search around, browse the ads on the net look for a couple that you might be interested in and send them an E-Mail get to know them and what they like etc. Discuss the things that you both are looking for and eventually setup a meeting with them whether at a club (our suggestion) or at a specified location.

21.Q..Why meet at a club and not at a specified location?
21.A..Meeting a couple at a specified location is ok but with some couples it gives them a feeling of having to do something when you all meet. Whether this is true or not its going to be there. With the clubs you have more of a freedom and less anxiety when meeting a couple for the first time. Also you can meet more couples that are involved in the lifestyle that might be looking for the same things that you are.

22.Q..Whats the best way to get to know a couple?
22.A..We suggest using a chat program to talk to them on first, until you are comfortable enough to trade pictures, meet or chat on the phone with them. With most couples it is a safe way of getting to know each other without leaving yourself open for any unwanted problems.

23.Q..Why do you have on-line reps for the club?
23.A.. Ourselves and Private Affairs both felt that it was in the best interest for couples both new to and in the lifestyle to have a couple on-line that was open ,honest, and trustworthy to answer questions that couples might have about the lifestyle and clubs.

24.Q..Which clubs are good in the area? What are they like?
24.A..All the clubs in the Chicago area are in our opinion good clubs it just depends on what you and your partner are looking for in a club. 

25.Q..Is it OK for new couples to go ? What if we only
participate a little or go slow?
25.A.. New Couples are welcome to attend and will find that PrivateAffairsnisc is very comfortable, The host's are really friendly and the atmosphere is laid back with NO pressure to do anything. As to participation that is totally up to you and your partner. If you find a couple your interested in make your sexual preferences/ practices known to them.

26.Q..What is the interview like? We are very sincere and attractive, but would hate to drive all that way and be refused entry because we didn't pass the interview.
26.A..The interview consists of basic questions of yourselves and what your interestes are, How long you have been in the lifestyle etc. The interview is a basic safety of all clubs because of so many single's trying to get into or find out where the clubs are located. The initial interview is done by phone first. Both you and your partner must be present when making this call.
For couples attending PrivateAffairsnisc or wanting to attend   you wont be refused entry because of your appearance or sexual preferences. The only time guests have been turned away is because of a party being full
( meaning reaching  the 50 couples party limit)
thats why we suggest that you call and make reservations as soon as you can.

A reminder for all Members and future Guests
All parties are BYOT (Bring your own towel)
BYOB ( Bring your own alcoholic or non-alcholic beverage of your choice ) and remember that because of local liquor laws we do not supply cups, ice, or mix.

Contact our On-Line host's

If you would like more information on STD's or if you and your sweetheart are ready for the lifestyle we suggest the following link. On their site you will find answers to some of your questions also,