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Hi There,
        We are just looking at the sites and wondering how  we go about getting involved in the lifestyle? We have been looking forward to exploring this for a while but we still can't seem to find the right couple that we want to get involved with any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

       Surfing the sites is a great idea and you can get a lot of information from them.  I think we all started out with this question, I think the first thing that you need to ask yourselves is, Are you putting too many limits on couples that either of you might find attractive? (As in one of you likes a couple and the other don't). Maybe cut back on looking for the couple that is a mirror image of yourselves and look more toward the fun and sexual exploration that you can share with a couple. Start by talking to a couple that is secure in their relationship and looking for the same sexual desires that you are. Build a friendship and understanding then meet with them. We suggest casual first, that way there is no commitment and the anxiety level is eliminated. See how things go and if all agree then explore further with your desires.

         We are thinking about this lifestyle we were just wondering, Is the sexual activities usually out in the open for all to see, or behind closed doors?  We are voyeurs and really enjoy watching more then participating.

          Activities at the club between couples for the most part take place behind closed doors. We do discourage activities in the main social area due to couples that are new to the lifestyle wanting to check out the club and see if the lifestyle is right for them. We encourage all couples interested in the lifestyle to come and check us out. You never know you might find the right couple with the same interests.

          My wife and I have done a little soft swing.  We are not interested in full swap. We do like having sex while watching and being watched. Are these clubs conducive to this appetite?

          Yes,  Some of the clubs in the area do have couples that are only interested in soft swing. You can E-Mail the clubs and ask directly as to what their club standard's are for couples attending . When you meet couples at the clubs you need to let them know what your sexual preferences are.

          What is a good club for a couple that is new with some  F-Bi interest?

          In Our opinion all the clubs in the area are good, Our suggestion is PrivateAffairsnisc due in part to it being geared for new couples whether to the lifestyle or to the clubs. PrivateAffairsnisc is a no pressure atmosphere with really friendly hosts that will answer any questions you might have and really make you feel at home.

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